about us

ecoJacks is the market leader in the salvage, milling, and restoration of heritage and antique wood.

Our Story

ecoJacks is a small family owned and operated  company located in the heart of Indiana just 2 hours north of Indianapolis. Our vision was inspired by the desire to preserve and restore American history along with reducing consumption of our natural resources. Our passion to reduce waste in America combined with our 27 years of custom flooring, cabinetry and furniture building led us to follow our dream. Reusing lumber that our ancestors milled over a hundred years ago became our goal.

ecoJacks began by salvaging bowling alley lanes that were on their way to a landfill. We now are involved with saving old barn wood as well. However, preserving this heritage wood requires exceptional talent, precision, skill, time and patience. Reclaimed building supplies take extra effort to procure and process. Our relentless dedication to perfect our processes has led us to where we are today.

reclaimed bowling alley lanes

We are dedicated to the preservation of these wonderful heritage products, and are vigilant in our efforts to ensure that each piece of reclaimed lumber finds new life in your design project. Not only do we consider our products to be works of art, but also a small piece of history.

Why choose reclaimed lumber?

— unique and exquisite look
— environmental contribution
— qualification for LEED points
— historical aspect of its origin and character
— strength and durability


The positive impact of using reclaimed wood on our environment grows every year. Reclaimed wood is a wonderful green building material, and by using these recycled woods, you will help to preserve our natural resources.

reclaimed bowling alley table

Mission Statement

ecoJacks believes that antique lumber has a unique heritage worth preserving. We are committed to reducing environmental waste by providing our customers with attractive reclaimed furniture, flooring, and custom millworks at an affordable price. We strive exceed expectations in sustainability, design, and customer satisfaction.

Contact us, and the put the experience of the ecoJacks team to work for you now.